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811 Accountancy - Company Formation

The UAE is gaining strategic importance as a preferred location for global investors seeking opportunities to start a business Company in the UAE. It offers 100% foreign ownership, a tax-free environment, ease of doing business, world-class infrastructure, efficient e-governance, and an ultimate lifestyle for unmatched business growth. Given the array of company formation options in the UAE, our services involve end-to-end support for company registration in the UAE for different types of companies. Our team of business setup company formation specialists is committed to strategizing with you to choose the best of the company formation options as per your specific business requirement, market plan & nature of activities.

There are many alternatives for you as a business investor. With 811 Consultancy, you can sign up for a comprehensive service, including Accountancy, Bookkeeping, Audit services, and registration of the company in UAE Company Registrar. In this way, we harmonize all your needs together. Your plan and the nature of your business activity may vary. Our professional team, with their knowledge of the UAE market, can help you follow the right direction in the market and open a functioning business on this soil.

Which type of setup is the best for you?

Setting up a business in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE takes time and investment. There are many factors that can affect your course and result in success. What jurisdiction? Free zone or mainland?


  • Full ownership of your Dubai company is retained
  • 0% corporate and income tax rate
  • No custom duty
  • Ability to repatriate 100% of your capital and profits


  • No specific business activities
  • No limit to where inside and outside the country you can operate.
  • No restriction on the number of visas


  • 100% foreign ownership allowed.
  • First 100% capital and profits repatriation.
  • No personal income tax, corporate tax, or import/export duties.
  • Simplified reporting requirements.

What setup option is best for your business?

Business setup in Dubai (or anywhere in the UAE) can be complicated.Decisions need to be made which can affect your journey and shape your success.Jurisdiction? Free zone or mainland?



Our Services

We help more than 200+ clients to grow their business

Unlock limitless business growth in the UAE with 811 Consultancy Services. Join over 200+ satisfied clients who have thrived under our expert guidance.

Our Range of Services

811 Consultancy Services has delivered unparalleled business growth assistance to over 200 satisfied clients. Unlock limitless business growth opportunities within the UAE under expert guidance from our side.


Effortlessly manage intricate accounts and bookkeeping with our accurate accounting services. Contact us for attention to detail and precise figures that enable informed and profitable business decisions.

Company Formation

UAE has emerged as the top choice for foreign investors to form a company, offering 100% foreign ownership, tax-free income (excluding V.A.T), a highly developed infrastructure, and a quality lifestyle. Our advisory services allow you to pick the ideal company formation from various options.

Liquidation Services

Company liquidation refers to a very complex set of procedures — a company liquidation goes far beyond just closing down a business. Our liquidation services provide for a comprehensive array of support that allows a seamless liquidation process with full compliance of government authorities.

Wants to Establish Setup In Dubai?

The Process of Business Setup in Dubai

The journey of business setup in Dubai becomes a seamless and cost-effective endeavor with 811 as your trusted company formation partner. Our efficient approach ensures a swift process, often completed in as little as 24 hours. Here’s an overview of our time-tested process:

Prepare Documentation

How many times has a company formation been delayed due to overlooked paperwork? For international entrepreneurs establishing a business in Dubai, the documentation process can be overwhelming. At 811, we help you make informed decisions for your Dubai company and expertly handle the paperwork intricacies.

Business License

Choosing the right license for your Dubai business is crucial. Knowing how to complete your license application correctly is equally as important. Some investors may not understand key differences and the separate regulations of business licenses. We will guide you and your company based on your business needs and conduct all requirements, ensuring a seamless initiation to your business.

Visa Process

As is the case in the United States and elsewhere, companies in the UAE have the opportunity to secure ‘new employment entry permits’ for their incoming staff. This privilege, however, comes with one caveat: the initiation of the application for the employee’s ‘residence visa status’ needs to start within a 30-day period right from the time that they actually enter the UAE.Top of Form

Bank Account

The procedure of corporate bank account opening in the UAE may seem as challenging and overwhelming as the company formation process. This process requires a high level of care, and there are several conditions that must be met before you apply to your chosen bank. Our expertise in this area will assist you with understanding and meeting these conditions, ensuring this is as simple as yet another of the business setups in the Dubai process.

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