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Effortless Free Zone Company Formation in Dubai- Unlock Your Business Potential

The main purpose of Free zones in the UAE is to attract potential foreign investment. The United Arab Emirates has policies that are business-friendly and contribute to economic empowerment and progress for both the country and foreign investors. 811 Accountancy can be your guide to establishing a company in a freezone without any hurdles.


Complete Ownership of Your Business Setup in Free Zone

A single or multiple foreigners with individual and corporate shareholders can own companies. They do not need any native sponsor to create a company or a corporate bank account. All nationalities can own the free zone companies.

Confidentiality of Crucial Information

The Free zone authorities ensure the confidentiality of various business activities and all the crucial information of the free zone companies in the UAE.

No Barriers in Trading

The respective free zone authority allows the companies in the free zone to trade under a business license/trade license with all other companies in the free zone and all over the Globe without any trade restrictions or business size.

Exemption from Various Taxes

Free zone companies can enjoy exemptions from customs duties whenever they import goods. Furthermore, there are no implications of income or corporate taxes for any business activity of the companies in the free zone. All the profit and investment earned can be returned to foreign countries without limitations.

Free zones are established with specific objectives in mind and have dedicated infrastructure for the same purpose. Our business setup consultants have all the experience and knowledge to guide you with a precise plan.

Free Zone Company Registration in Dubai

As such, a consultant offering Dubai freezone company setup can help you decide whether your business will be best suited to a free zone or the mainland and what company structure will be right for your business setup in Dubai free zone. There are free zone business advantages and advantages of a UAE free zone company on the mainland too. It is good to understand both so that you can make the right decision.

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The Business Setup Cost of a Company in Free Zones of Dubai

There are around 30 free zones in Dubai, and the costs of setting up a company can be different in each free zone due to different office requirements and startup fees by the UAE government. This is because you could be looking at up to 50 shareholders in a business. The fee for visa application has to be paid for each separately – so think of employees, too, if you’re applying for their work visas.

Then there are the office rental charges. These can differ depending on the free zone and also whether you opt for anything from a single desk in a co-working office space to a large enclosed office, so charges can vary accordingly.

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