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Dubai is the best choice for overseas investors to set up a new business or a company in the UAE. Potential investors can enjoy the following benefits with ever-growing business opportunities.

  • Savings through tax policies 
  • Complete ownership
  • High-end business Infrastructure
  • E-Governance Structure
  • Quality lifestyle 

Investors are free to choose from various options available for company registration in the UAE. 811 Accountancy provides comprehensive services for potential investors to register a company and a complete business setup in the UAE. Having a precise business plan and core business activity, our team will guide you with the best option for company formation in the UAE.

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    Why Choose Dubai for Business Setup?

    Setting up a new business in Dubai always takes hard work and a deep understanding of the competitive market. Almost all entrepreneurs need help and certainty about their business setup in Dubai. They want to start their new business but lack the experience to make strategic decisions in the international competitive market.

    If you are interested in starting your own business in Dubai but don’t know the strategy and planning in the experienced business place of Dubai, get proper assistance from one of the best business setup companies to expand your business.

    Dubai continually welcomes potential people from all over the world to invest and grow their businesses. It has become the global economic hub for skilled workers and investors and has created a stable economy for many business lovers. Because of suitable and progressive business laws, Dubai is considered the best place to start your business.


    Mainland company formation is your gateway to a potential and competitive market in Dubai.


    Dubai offshore company formation is a world of business possibilities with streamlined processes.


    Dubai free zone company formation allows growth and endless opportunities.

    Wants to Established Setup In Dubai?

    Why Do You Need a Business Setup Consultant in Dubai?

    Understanding the business setup process is a challenging task, one that’s almost impossible to do without direction and help. The best business setup consultants in Dubai help entrepreneurs navigate through the obstacles. 

    Complimentary Consultation Services

    Our team of top business setup consultants provides a free consultation for business setup. This includes helping entrepreneurs initiate bank account opening processes and set up a corporate bank account. The professionals help pave the way for a very smooth business journey.

    Keep You in the Know with the News

    The business environment in Dubai is highly competitive, and entrepreneurs can’t afford to miss out on what’s happening. Business setup services in Dubai keep you updated on the happenings in the country.

    Comprehensive Business Setup Services

    Consultants with a wide range of experience will provide a range of services, including visa assistance, insights into government agencies, professional accounting services, advice and assistance in acquiring office space in the UAE, and even business establishment-related services.

    Expertise with Business Licenses:

    Our team of professionals provides information with respect to business licenses – Mainland as well as Free Zone – and assists you in ensuring you comply with all the regulatory requirements, including a trade license.

    Desirable Locations for Your Business

    Experienced business professionals within a firm take entrepreneurs on a tour of their business sites and assist with choosing the best business location in Dubai that fits your business and your professional services. It will be a professional that remains with you throughout the business setup and to conduct business.

    Understanding the Business Setup or Company Formation Process in Dubai

    As an investor, you can choose various options to register within the UAE. We provide professional company setup services to help you with company registration. Our team will take care of your requirements and plan with you, keeping in line with your plan and the nature of your business activity. 

    We have expert business consultants who are incredibly knowledgeable in the UAE market and know the rules to get a business license and open a functioning business in this country.

    Explore Your Company Registration Options in Dubai

    When registering a company in the UAE, you can choose from 3 options:
    1. Mainland Company Formation
    2. Free Zone Company Formation
    3. Offshore Company Formation

    • If you wish to register your business on the Mainland, you must have a partner who is a UAE national or a Local Service Agent.
    • It includes MNCs, retailers, restaurants, and cafes, as well as shopping malls and even SMEs.
    • Lots of brands from all over the world are eager to move into the UAE Mainland, so opening a business on the Mainland is one of the most sought-after business opportunities for entrepreneurs.
    • Free Zones and Offshore companies all provide 100% equity ownership under foreign ownership for those who like to be one of the top business setup companies in Dubai.